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Love fermented foods? Give our range of handmade, slow-fermented artisanal naturally fermented foods a try. Savoury, spicy, luscious and full of flavour in every bite.

Lacto-fermentation or lactic-acid fermentation is the process of disintegrating carbohydrates, proteins and minerals of foods and beverages into simpler chemical compounds like alcohols, lactic-acid, carbon dioxide etc. The process is driven by the naturally occurring micro-organisms like lactic-acid bacteria or LAB and wild yeasts in the presence (or absence of oxygen) when they feed off of the sugars present in the foods, digest them and transforms their chemical and flavour profiles along with adding nutritional benefits. Since naturally fermented foods are pre-digested by the microorganisms they are easily digestible by our bodies. Fermented foods are own to be make the nutrients in them more bio-available for our bodies to absorb.

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