How to use SCOBY

Recipe for making 1 litre of kombucha

Step 1: Bring 250 ml water to boil in a vessel

Step 2: Turn off the flame and add 4 to 6 gms of tea leaves to the vessel. Cover it with a lid and steep for 10 minutes 

Step 3: Filter the tea out in a clean glass jar

Step 4: Add 50 gms of plain white sugar to it

Step 5: Let the tea concentrate cool down completely to ambient temperature 

Step 6:  Add rest of 750 ml cold water. Make sure that the tea solution is completely cold 

Step 7: Add 1 cup of starter and the SCOBY pellicle in the glass jar 

Step 8: Cover the jar with a clean, breathable cloth cotton and secure it with a tight rubber band or a string.

Step 9:  Wait for 7 to 10 days for tea to turn into Kombucha

Step 10: Once the kombucha is ready, transfer in a glass bottle

Step 11: Refrigerate, enjoy as is or add flavours and do secondary fermentation

*Note: Remember to save some starter and SCOBY for your next batch before you add any additional flavourings to your Kombucha

**Double or triple the recipe for bigger batch