Science Behind Kombucha

The Story of the SCOBY aka Mother

We might have claimed to made your Kombucha, but there is someone else who transforms brewed tea into 'Elixir of Life' that is Kombucha. Truly a force of nature meet the Mother, fondly called Scoby, a combination of a thick cellulose pancake and liquid starer that has magical powers for making the mighty booch. 

The ever growing, ever giving kombucha mother is a living colony of beneficial-for-us bacteria and yeasts that slowly feed on the sweet tea i.e. tannins, caffeine from tea and sucrose from sugar over a period of several weeks and produce a large population of good bacteria, organic acids, enzymes, B-vitamins, antioxidants as by-product that help us develop better resistance from free radicals and boosts immunity. 

A kombucha fermenting vessel is literally a neighbourhood where the bacteria and yeast that are trying to live with each other in harmony. These microorganisms have a love-hate relationship with each other but forever in love with human gut.

The Kombucha Mother is a resilient living being, it grows from a thin jelly-like sheet into thick blanket when given proper nutrition a little bit care. It is a living organism that reponds to the condition around it. A healthy mother culture perpetuates a healthy brew and offsprings (more baby scobies!)

There is curiosity about what come first, Kombucha or the mother. Some believe that many many centuries ago in China, someone would have forgotten brewed tea in a pot for several days and when they tasted the tea it had become tart but still delicious. Thats where the birth of Kombucha is believed to have happened. We don’t know for sure which external factors would have contributed to the change in the tea taste, suitable climate or temperature that introduced the right balance of bacteria and yeast to start fermentation. But we know for sure that Kombucha is a drink from the past and is here to stay. Cheers!