Aloha Ananas Kombucha is our fruit-based scoby-fermented kombucha. It is raw, unpasteurised with all the goodness of fermented foods. Diversify your gut-microbiome with our Mountain Bee Kombucha's artisanal brews.

Aloha Ananas - Pack of 6

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Love Pineapples? If you love the fruit then you will definitely love the kombucha we make with it. Every sip reminds us of the beach, sand in our hair and sun-kissed body.

Infused with real deal pineapples from Kerala, refreshing, loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, probiotics, B-vitamins and a burst of Vitamin C.

Pro tip: Use Aloha Ananas in virgin Pinã Colada and skip cutting and chopping the fruit. There's a recipe on our Instagram account here.

Ingredients: Water, White Cane Sugar, Black-Tea Leaves, Kombucha SCOBY, Fresh Pineapple Pulp

Flavour Profile:


Net quantity 6*220 ml 

Special Instructions

Storage and serving - Keep refrigerated, serve chilled or at ambient temperature. Consume within 7 days of opening the bottle.

Can be consumed anytime of the day, before, during or after a meal.

All our kombucha flavours are unpasteurised and unfiltered to keep probiotics, flavours, organic acids and enzymes intact (the good stuff kombucha is known for). May grow visible scoby-culture strands when stored. Safe to consume.

Serving suggestion: For new kombucha drinker we suggest you to begin with a smaller doze of 100ml-120 ml and observe how the body responds to raw fermented foods like Kombucha. Increase the amount when you feel comfortable.

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