5 favourite gut-health foods to add to your everyday meals

Start the ultimate Party for your gut with these probiotic choices

From gourmet picks to pantry staples, fermented foods are an essential in a modern kitchen. They are full of probiotics, easy to digest, comes in bold flavours and are our gut's best friends. We love having a mix of fermented foods sitting in the refrigerator for easy weeknight meals or just something yum to snack on.

The best part about fermented foods is that they come in pre-packed in jars and are NOW easily available in one's city of residence (just lookup for relevant hashtags on instagram and you will find atleast one person/brand on instagram making these delicious probiotics in a jar!

Here is the list of live-cultured foods we recommend:

fermented foods to add to your everyday meals

🌿 Kombucha: The combination of beneficial bacteria and yeasts found in kombucha bring diversity to your gut-flora. Added bonus of tea polyphenols!
🥬 Kimchi: The combination of fermentation, spices, and vegetables in kimchi creates a nutrient-rich and probiotic-packed food. A party for your palate too! Eat it with Daal/Sambar and rice and thank us later
🥛 Water/Milk Kefir: A rich and potent concoction of probiotics, metabolites, acids and diverse microbes
🍜 Miso Paste: Umami bomb, taste-enhancer loaded with goodness of fermented beans
🥗 Fermented Pickles/Vegetables: Tangy delightful vegetables perfect for snacking and making absolutely anything taste even better (noodles, salads, khichdi!)
Get creative with incorporating these foods in your everyday meals. Don't hesitate to experiment too. 

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