Best time to drink kombucha for maximum benefits: Our take

best time to drink kombucha according to experts

This is by far the most asked questions at our kombucha pop-ups - what's a good time to drink kombucha. You must have also heard recommendations like - anytime is a good time to drink kombucha or you can drink kombucha first thing in the morning or its best to drink kombucha after a meal. Kombucha brewers have looked far and wide to answer this question most appropriately. Here are our suggestions after being in the trade for 5 years:

  1. Good Gut Morning: Starting the day with a refreshing glass of kombucha can provide a natural energy boost. The slight effervescence and tangy flavor can help invigorate your senses and prepare you for the day ahead. We suggest you go with a kombucha that has real ingredients, no artificial flavourings or syrups

  2. Mid-Day Pick-Me-Up: 11 am, the awkward hunger gap between breakfast and lunch when you're feeling a bit sluggish or in need of a mid-day energy boost, drinking kombucha can be a great option. Its natural acidity and probiotic content can help support digestion and provide a refreshing pick-me-up. Go with a bold flavour, we love Rosé in the afternoon

  3. best time to drink kombucha according to expertsAfter a Meal: Kombucha's tangy flavor and digestive properties make it a popular choice to enjoy after a meal. Some people find that it aids in digestion and provides a pleasant and light refreshment to conclude a meal. A ginger kombucha is perfect for the job. Kick that dreaded afternoon slump's a**

  4. Workout Hydration: Kombucha can be a good alternative to sugary sports drinks for hydration during or after a workout. It provides electrolytes, natural sugars, and a range of beneficial compounds that can help replenish fluids and support post-workout recovery. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice in kombucha is our favourite!
  5. Social Occasions: Kombucha can be a fun and healthier beverage option for social gatherings or events. Its unique flavors and effervescence make it a great choice for non-alcoholic alternatives or as a base for mocktails. We make a mean Pinā Colada with our Aloha Ananas - full of flavours and mess-free

  6. Relaxation Time: If you enjoy winding down in the evening with a beverage, kombucha can be a soothing choice. Its lower alcohol content (typically less than 0.5%) and calming properties can provide a sense of relaxation and be a healthier alternative to sugary or alcoholic drinks. Lavender or Chamomile is a popular choice, you can even mix your favourite herbal tea (at ambient temperature) with kombucha

best time to drink kombucha according to experts


It's worth noting that individual preferences and tolerances may vary. Some people may prefer to consume kombucha in smaller quantities due to its natural acidity or caffeine content, while others may enjoy it more liberally. It's always a good idea to listen to your body (and palate) and adjust your consumption accordingly.

Additionally, if you have specific health concerns or are pregnant or breastfeeding, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before adding kombucha to your routine.

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