About Mountain Bee Kombucha


"From volunteering at a fermentation festival in Goa in 2016 to discovering kombucha in Dallas grocery stores in 2017, who would have thought that I would leave my comfortable job at a big MNC and turn into a kombuchapreneur? Well that's exactly what happened. My travel experience in Goa and United States led me to discover the world of fermented foods. I wanted to tell my story of how fermentation changed my life, how it inspired me to go with my gut feeling, explore and be fearless. Mountain Bee Kombucha is here to do just that." - Honey Islam, Founder 

How it began:

After scoring a kombucha scoby from Anne Marie aka Zero-Waste Chef from California, we brought it to Bangalore and began researching, experimenting. We officially brewed our first kombucha batch to share with the world in the summer of 2018 and took it out to a farmer's market in outskirts of Bangalore. Much to our surprise, we completely sold out in couple of hours! The validation and love fuelled our mission further. One market led to another and soon we were popping up all across Bangalore every other weekend. Fast forward 2021, we now have more than 30 and counting partners who retail, serve and pour our kombucha to you at various locations and help you keep your gut happy!

Our Mission:

We are on a path to make sustainable and gut-friendly foods & beverages by harnessing the power of microbes. Fermentation as a food-practice can positively impact the health of our communities and the planet.


Our Vision:

Build a world full of diversity inside and outside of us.


What we do

We go by the motto 'Trust your Gut’! We wouldn't have done it if it wasn't coming from our gut! Thats why we are all about helping you diversify your gut flora. We are obsessed with innovating and unlocking new flavours and benefits of kombucha through fermentation. Over the years we have developed unique brewing styles that brings the benefits of microbial diversity to your gut. Our kombucha is infused with highest quality teas, botanicals, herbs and spices thats brings flavours and function together.

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