About the brewer


Honey Islam is the founder and Chief Brewing Officer of Mountain Bee Kombucha. She is a self-taught kombucha brewer and a fermentation aficionado. A learner of all things food, she stumbled upon kombucha at a volunteering project in Goa, India back in 2016. She didn’t fancy the the idea of eating fermented foods that time but a single sip of kombucha a year later changed her mind. 

She travelled from Texas to California to meet with Anne-Marie, popularly called the Zero-Waste Chef to be a sous-chef at her fermentation workshop. Over a glass of home-brewed hibiscus kombucha with Anne-Marie, she adopted one of her baby scobies and brought it back to India. That’s how Aspen, our mother culture and Mountain Bee Kombucha were born in 2018.