Insta Live series: Kombucha + Gut Health

Our gut is a much more complex system than we thought 2 decades ago. It is responsible for many more complex than just digestion. With more and more interest from the academic community, inferences are drawn between our health vis-a-vis the health of our gut microbiome and the factors responsible for keeping it optimal. There is a universe of microorganisms that call our gut their home, they are responsible for keeping us healthy and our system functional. A balance in this universe is what we strive to achieve by eating a diet rich in diverse   nutrients as well as fermented foods.

We are deep diving into a conversation with Cora Health to explore the relationship between kombucha/fermented foods and gut-microbiota. Join us on Insta Live this Saturday 22nd May 5:30 pm. Bring your kombucha questions!

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