Kombucha-based drinks for any occasion

Virgin cocktails are a great addition to a holiday spread especially when it involves children and people with special diet. When its time for big family gatherings or house parties Kombucha makes an excellent choice of drink where alcohol isn’t the most preferred choice. So whether you are looking for a non-alcohol-complex tasting beverage like wine or scouting for an alternative to sugary carbonated beverages, kombucha makes a great company.

With Kombucha you get best of both the worlds, the complexity and flavours of a well-aged craft drink with wonderful carbonation at a fraction of the sweetness that any off-the-shelf beverages available in the market has to offer. Even though Kombucha contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume due to natural fermentation process it is still considered as a non-alcoholic drink but the added nutritional benefits of probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes and organic acids make the mocktails a hit with the health-conscious too.

Here are some of the uses of Kombucha to make some drool-worthy mocktails-

  1. Kombucha Mimosa: (2 serving)

Ingredients: The Original Booch (1 bottle, 220 ml). You can get your hands on the classic unflavoured Kombucha, buy here

Freshly squeezed orange juice (70 ml),

1 teaspoon lime juice

Brown Sugar, Pomegranate arils and orange peel to garnish

Suggested serveware: Champagne Flutes

Method: With the oranges and all other citruses: Mandarin, Kinnow, Sweet Limes in the market, you have all the reason to make your favourite citrus based mocktail with an added depth of flavour.

Mix Original Booch kombucha with freshly squeezed orange juice (save some orange peel for later), a dash of lime juice and some ice cubes in a cocktail mixer or any container. Bowl will work just fine. Mix/Stir well. Bring out your fancy Champagne flutes from the back of your cupboard, tidy them up (clean up and wipe them dry). Place 2 tablespoon brown sugar on a small plate. Make the rim of the glasses wet by rubbing some of the saved orange peel on it once or twice (don’t show much force here) dunk the rims right into the sugar plate. Your glasses are ready. Carefully pour the Kombucha Mimosa into the flute. Garnish it with some pomegranate arils and orange peel we saved from before. Enjoy with your meal or serve as a welcome drink to the guests.

Kombucha Mimosa pairs well with pasta dishes and even goes well with pizzas.

2. Kombucha Mojito: (2 serving)

Ingredients: The Original Booch (1 bottle, 220 ml). You can get your hands on the classic unflavoured Kombucha, buy here

Lime — 2 halves

Mint leaves — a handful

Sugar (white will do just fine, we are not eating our weight in it) 1 teaspoon

Ice cubes

Suggested Serveware: Tall glasses

Method: Add sugar and lime wedges equally to the glasses and muddle gently (mind it) 3 times max to bring out the juice without the bitterness! Lightly spank the mint leaves to release the oils and add to the glasses. (You can as well muddle the mint leaves with sugar and lemon). Add some ice cubes and top it off with The Original Booch unflavoured Kombucha. Its a super refreshing drink to wash-off a big meal. The added probiotics and organic acids from the Kombucha helps your digestion work better.

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