Kombucha cocktail masterclass with Krishnamurthy and LBB

Whipping cocktails at home can be quite a daunting task, don't you agree? Especially when you love to have friends and family over and want to entertain them.

We teamed up with LBB to bring you the best kombucha cocktails that adds a depth of flavour without the added calories. Meet mixologist Krishnamurthy, a kombucha-brewer himself, he loves to include natural ingredients in his concoctions. We got an opportunity to have Krishna work with our kombucha and craft a series of kombucha cocktails that are not only down right delicious but also easy to assemble with approachable ingredients.

Kombucha fits right into his choice of mixers as he points out. They also add a bit of effervescence too, so you can skip the soda. 

kombucha cocktails in Bangalore

Kombucha fermented beverage made with high-quality oolong black and green teas

During the masterclass we got to make 3 cocktails using our signature kombucha flavours - Singer Ginger, Aloha Ananas and Rosé. A detailed ingredient list is available with the good folks at LBB here.


Image courtesy: Krishnamurthy A R

Event hosted by: Dikshita Nahata - LBB Bangalore

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