Kombucha DIY and Fermentation Workshop with Bare Necessities

Kombucha fermentation in Bangalore. Workshop for gut-health


Love is in the air, so are the lactobacillus! We are ganging up with our Bare Friends this Feb 20th 2021 to talk all things fermentation, funky foods and demonstrate how to brew your very first batch of kombucha. 

Learn about the 3 main objectives of fermentation according to us and why you should give it a go. 

Fermentation is a secret weapon to unexplored flavours and a gateway to gut-health. Not only that, its a tool you can use to reduce your food waste by harnessing the power of microbes. We will talk about fermentation and food-sustainability and show-off some of our cool tricks to get the maximum out of your grocery. We will sprinkle some fermentation gyaan to jumpstart your adventure with fermented foods. Workshop details are here. Details for sourcing your SCOBY, ingredients required and sweet somethings will be emailed to you post registration.

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  • I would like to learn kombucha brewing

    Sonali sonpal

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