Places serving Mountain Bee Kombucha with their own signature

Chefs, foodpreneurs, cafes-restaurants owners and home chefs are shaping the way kombucha is consumed in the city. We are so delighted to be partnering with some of the most creative people in the F&B industry to bring you the many versions of this fermented fizziness. Which one are you trying?

1. Phobidden Fruit, Indiranagar - Kombucha Mocktails

Phobidden Fruit is not a new name for all the Vietnamese-food lovers. The serve delectable south-east asian fair in a gorgeous setting perfect for a special occasion. Enjoy a glass of their kombucha based, non-alcoholic mocktails to get the conversations flowing. Get all the goodness of kombucha's health benefits with prominent asian flavours.

2. Dessert Cafe, Banshankari 2nd Stage - Pizza + Kombucha pairing

Sandhya, the pastry-chef and owner has put in tremendous amount of love in this cute cafe that serves up sweet and savoury bakes all day everyday. There menu includes an array of pizzas and our kombucha combinations, probably the first in theaiki, Indiranagar, HSR Layout- Sushi + Kombucha pairing

3. Taiki, Indiranagar & HSR Layout - Sushi + Kombucha pairing

Taiki is set in beautiful neighbourhood in Indiranagar, quite close to our brewery actually. As soon as we went live with them, we couldn't wait to pair our kombucha with their sushi. We tried their vegan selection and paired them with our black tea kombucha - Daily. We absolutely loved how well those go along like the Oshinko Maki with kombucha

4. Snaksamaya, Rajajinagar - Kombucha marinades, Kombucha-based sauce

Sandhya is the brains behind Snaksamaya, a brand of all things handmade and innovative, jackfruit-based meat alternative sauces, handmade fresh pastas, what else do you need to whip up a fancy meal at home? Sandhya, for her passion to add healthful twists to her recipes, started using our kombucha vinegars in her creations. She uses them in pasta sauces, marinades and vegetable roasts!

5. Sante Spa Cuisine, Indiranagar - Botanicals-infused drinks

Sante Spa Cuisine is known for their healthful menu, their vegan selection of food and beverage scream local and fresh. Mountain Bee Kombucha is honoured to be a part of their menu. They serves up interesting local flavours like kokum and spirulina blended with kombucha

6. The T Cafe, Indiranagar - Grilled sandwiches + kombucha 

Hot grilled sandwiches with an easy kombucha makes a great quick-meal option at 12th main's The T Cafe. The friendly-vibe of the space made us fall in love with it. Cool points for the location

 For a full list of our partners, please check here.

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