Some unfiltered thoughts on brewing possibly the weirdest thing on the planet..

Kom-Boo-Chaa, its simple, you make sweet tea, cool it down, add some previously brewed unflavoured raw Kombucha along with the ‘Mother’ or Scoby. Let mother nature do her magic and turn the sweet tea into bubble tart-sweet thing called Kombucha.

Its a story for a different day that you need to hunt for raw and unflavoured Kombucha, score a scoby from a trusted source, buy the perfect brewing jar and actually have the patience of waiting almost 2 weeks to taste something that resembles a floating mushroom.

If you let go of the fear of seeing something constantly multiplying inside the glass jar (think of it like a plant growing in a terrarium, ok?) you get rewarded with this awesome fizziness in a bottle. It is a bliss for someone who likes to enjoy complex flavoured beverage sans the alcohol (atleast lesser alcohol than one day old orange juice).

I think at one point of time, we all let go of our fear and jump into unchartered territories and find our wings. I can say that I braved my fear and took a gulp on this awesomness few months back and I feel great to share the joy of kombucha with others!

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