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Mountain Bee Kombucha Hive

Hive is a playground of microbes. Its buzzing with constant clanking of jars, bubbling microbes and intriguing flavours (neighbours approved).
This is where microbes turn everyday food into superfood of sorts. Flavours, nutrients and shelf-life amplified because thats what microbes do.
We have the pleasure of working with beautiful ingredients and diverse microbial cultures that work in symbiosis with each other to uplift the sensory appeal of kombucha and kombucha-based ferments. All we do is take care of the bacteria, yeasts in the live-culture and in return they give us the gift of food thats delicious, healing and spectacular.
We make kombucha, talk kombucha and experiment a heck-lot with it. Some projects make it on the fixed menu and some are enjoyed only in trails for a limited time. We thought it would be nice be bring those experiments to you, however limited they are. Brewer’s batch, off-menu and limited edition these are experimental batches of kombucha and related ferments are a true representation of our spirit - play with microbes and marry the ingredients you love.
Fancy other kinds of ferments and cultured foods too? hot sauce, kvass, kimchi? Get in touch with us for any specific fermentation related query and we will do our best to help you out. Sign-up for all that is bubbling!
Keep yourself updated on our Instagram for sneak peak into our brewer's batch and we will spill the beans on our latest escapades with funky ferments, most of them will be available for purchase too!