'Fermentation Without Borders' aka FWB is a platform to bring fermentation practitioners, enthusiasts and educators from across the globe together. This is a space to encourage exchange of ideas, sharing fermentation traditions, learning about other cultures through the lens of fermentation.

First in the series is Kirsten Shockey, educator, author and owner of Ferment Works. She has co-authored best-selling books like Fiery Ferments, Fermented Vegetables, Miso Tempeh Natto and other Tasty Ferments. Kirsten along has experience of over 20 years in fermenting and runs a family-owned organic food company based out of Oregon. She has been an advocate of eating local but that hasn't limited her in creating flavours inspired by global taste. 

Keeping the philosophy of fermenting global flavours with local ingredients at the core of our conversation, Kirsten and I would be digging deep on the role of the fermentation in increasing the perceived value of local bounty.

When: April 8th 8:30 PM 

Where: Mountain Bee Kombucha Instagram Live