Fermentation Without Borders: Anne Marie Bonneau

Tackling food-waste with fermentation

Anne Marie, popularly known as Zero-Waste Chef is a practitioner of zero-waste living based in Mountain View, California. AM is known for her simple, rustic-style of cooking. A major part of her website zerowastechef.com is dedicated to fermented foods. As a lover of cooking root-to-shoot and all things bubbly, fermentation plays an important role in her kitchen, AM ends up fermenting a lot of fresh produce. Her scrap vinegar is a big hit among her followers, a non-edible by-product that's made with leftover citrus peels.

Join me on Sunday April 10th 8:30 pm where Zero-Waste Chef will share her fermentation journey and talk about food sustainability vis-a-vis fermentation. 

When: April 10th 8:30 PM 

Where: Mountain Bee Kombucha Instagram Live