Rose Kombucha is our small-batch, handcrafted offering. scoby-fermented, raw, unpasteurised with all the goodness of fermented foods. Diversify your gut-microbiome with our Mountain Bee Kombucha's artisanal brews.

Rosé - Pack of 6

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Rosé all day that loves your gut too. Fermented plant-extracts add an unmatched depth of flavour and nutrients, organic Rose and Roselle petals brewed with long-leaf green teas and kombucha SCOBY. A playful concoction of sweet-tart flavours to bring out the sensory pleasure.
Top off your brunch cocktails or have it straight up as your fine sunset companion. Get creative. 
Flavour Profile:
Net quantity 6*220 ml 


Special Instructions

Keep refrigerated and serve chilled. Consume within 7 days of opening the bottle.

All our kombucha flavours are unpasteurised and unfiltered. May grow visible scoby-culture strands as a result of continuous fermentation. Safe to consume.

Serving suggestion: For new kombucha drinker we suggest you to begin with a smaller doze of 100ml-120 ml and observe how the body responds to raw fermented foods like Kombucha. Increase the amount when you feel comfortable.

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